dragonfly_radiance.properties.building module

Building Radiance Properties.

class dragonfly_radiance.properties.building.BuildingRadianceProperties(host, modifier_set=None)[source]

Bases: object

Radiance Properties for Dragonfly Building.

  • host – A dragonfly_core Building object that hosts these properties.

  • modifier_set – A honeybee ModifierSet object to specify all default modifiers for the Story geometry. If None, it will be the honeybee default modifier set, which is only representative of typical indoor conditions in the visible spectrum. (Default: None).

  • host

  • modifier_set


Add a GridParameter to all of the children Room2Ds of this Building.


grid_par – A radiance GridParameter object to assign to all children Room2Ds.

apply_properties_from_dict(abridged_data, modifier_sets)[source]

Apply properties from a BuildingRadiancePropertiesAbridged dictionary.

  • abridged_data – A BuildingRadiancePropertiesAbridged dictionary (typically coming from a Model).

  • modifier_sets – A dictionary of ModifierSets with identifiers of the sets as keys, which will be used to re-assign modifier_sets.


Apply properties from a geoJSON dictionary.


data – A dictionary representation of a geoJSON feature properties. Specifically, this should be the “properties” key describing a Polygon or MultiPolygon object.


Get a copy of this object.

new_host: A new Building object that hosts these properties.

If None, the properties will be duplicated with the same host.

classmethod from_dict(data, host)[source]

Create BuildingRadianceProperties from a dictionary.

Note that the dictionary must be a non-abridged version for this classmethod to work.

  • data – A dictionary representation of BuildingRadianceProperties.

  • host – A Building object that hosts these properties.


Return Building Radiance properties as a dictionary.


abridged – Boolean for whether the full dictionary of the Building should be written (False) or just the identifier of the the individual properties (True). Default: False.

property host

Get the Building object hosting these properties.

property modifier_set

Get or set the Building ModifierSet object.

If not set, it will be the Honeybee default generic ModifierSet.