Source code for honeybee_display.shademesh

"""Method to translate a ShadeMesh to a VisualizationSet."""
from ladybug_display.geometry3d import DisplayMesh3D
from ladybug_display.visualization import VisualizationSet, ContextGeometry

[docs]def shade_mesh_to_vis_set(shade, color_by='type'): """Translate a Honeybee ShadeMesh to a VisualizationSet. Args: shade: A Honeybee ShadeMesh object to be converted to a VisualizationSet. color_by: Text for the property that dictates the colors of the Shade geometry. (Default: type). Choose from the following: * type * boundary_condition Returns: A VisualizationSet object that represents the ShadeMesh with a single ContextGeometry. """ # get the basic properties for geometry conversion color_by_attr = 'type_color' if color_by.lower() == 'type' else 'bc_color' d_mod = 'SurfaceWithEdges' # convert all geometry into DisplayFace3D a_col = getattr(shade, color_by_attr) dis_geos = [DisplayMesh3D(shade.geometry, a_col, d_mod)] # build the VisualizationSet and ContextGeometry con_geo = ContextGeometry(shade.identifier, dis_geos) con_geo.display_name = shade.display_name vis_set = VisualizationSet(shade.identifier, [con_geo]) vis_set.display_name = shade.display_name return vis_set