dragonfly_energy.properties.story module

Story Energy Properties.

class dragonfly_energy.properties.story.StoryEnergyProperties(host, construction_set=None)[source]

Bases: object

Energy Properties for Dragonfly Story.

  • host – A dragonfly_core Story object that hosts these properties.

  • construction_set – A honeybee ConstructionSet object to specify all default constructions for the Faces of the Story. If None, the Story will use the honeybee default construction set, which is not representative of a particular building code or climate zone. Default: None.

  • host

  • construction_set


Add a default IdealAirSystem to all children Room2Ds of this Story.

The identifier of the systems will be derived from the room identifiers.

apply_properties_from_dict(abridged_data, construction_sets)[source]

Apply properties from a StoryEnergyPropertiesAbridged dictionary.

  • abridged_data – A StoryEnergyPropertiesAbridged dictionary (typically coming from a Model).

  • construction_sets – A dictionary of ConstructionSets with identifiers of the sets as keys, which will be used to re-assign construction_sets.

averaged_program_type(identifier=None, timestep_resolution=1)[source]

Get a ProgramType that is averaged across all of the children Room2Ds.

The weights used in the averaging process are the floor area weights.

  • identifier – A unique ID text string for the new averaged ProgramType. Must be < 100 characters and not contain any EnergyPlus special characters. This will be used to identify the object across a model and in the exported IDF. If None, the resulting ProgramType will use the identifier of the host Building. (Default: None)

  • timestep_resolution – An optional integer for the timestep resolution at which the schedules will be averaged. Any schedule details smaller than this timestep will be lost in the averaging process. Default: 1.


Get a copy of this object.

new_host: A new Story object that hosts these properties.

If None, the properties will be duplicated with the same host.

classmethod from_dict(data, host)[source]

Create StoryEnergyProperties from a dictionary.

Note that the dictionary must be a non-abridged version for this classmethod to work.

  • data – A dictionary representation of StoryEnergyProperties.

  • host – A Story object that hosts these properties.

set_all_room_2d_hvac(hvac, conditioned_only=True)[source]

Set all children Room2Ds of this Story to have the same HVAC system.

  • hvac – An HVAC system with properties that will be assigned to all children Room2Ds.

  • conditioned_only – Boolean to note whether the input hvac should only be applied to rooms that are already conditioned. If False, the hvac will be applied to all rooms. (Default: True).


Set all of the children Room2Ds of this Story to have the same ProgramType.


program_type – A ProgramType to assign to all children Room2Ds.


Set all children Room2Ds of this Story to have the same HVAC system.


shw – An HVAC system with properties that will be assigned to all children Room2Ds.


Return Story energy properties as a dictionary.


abridged – Boolean for whether the full dictionary of the Story should be written (False) or just the identifier of the the individual properties (True). Default: False.

property construction_set

Get or set the Story ConstructionSet object.

If not set, it will be set by the parent Building or will be the Honeybee default generic ConstructionSet.

property host

Get the Story object hosting these properties.