Become a patron

We have been working on Ladybug Tools since 2013, and with the help of some awesome people from around the globe Ladybug Tools has not only “survived” but has flourished during the last couple of years. It is now an industry standard toolkit, with more than 120,000 downloads just for the Grasshopper version and is used by both professionals and professors alike. In order to sustain the project over the long run, we have started a Patreon page to collect funding. There, you can become a member and receive special rewards for helping keep the insects flying.

* You can also use PayPal for one-time contribtions.

Become an institutional partner

We are so proud that many institutions see Ladybug Tools as helpful for educating the next generation of architects and engineers. An institutional partnership enables schools and universities to best take advantage of our knowledge and the teaching resources that we produce.

Institutional Partnership

$750 per year

In return for your partnership, we will:

  • Give all students of your courses using Ladybug Tools early access to the latest video tutorials for free.
  • Review your course syllabi related to Ladybug Tools.
  • Put your logo on our homepage.


Industry partnership

After an initial experiment with a business partnership model, we have discontinued our support for it and, in the event that your office requires any of the services we previously offered under the partnership, we suggest requesting them through a consulting contract.