dragonfly validate

Commands for validating Dragonfly files.

dragonfly validate [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


Validate a Model file against the Dragonfly schema.

model_file: Full path to either a DFJSON or DFpkl file. This can also be a
HBJSON or a HBpkl from which a Dragonfly model should be derived.
dragonfly validate model [OPTIONS] MODEL_FILE


--check-all, -ro, --room-overlaps

Flag to note whether the output validation report should validate all possible issues with the model or only the Room2D overlaps of each Story should be checked. Checking for room overlaps will also check for degenerate and self-intersecting Rooms.



--plain-text, -j, --json

Flag to note whether the output validation report should be formatted as a JSON object instead of plain text. If set to JSON, the output object will contain several attributes. The “honeybee_core” and “honeybee_schema” attributes will note the versions of these libraries used in the validation process. An attribute called “fatal_error” is a text string containing an exception if the Model failed to serialize and will be an empty string if serialization was successful. An attribute called “errors” will contain a list of JSON objects for each invalid issue found in the model. A boolean attribute called “valid” will note whether the Model is valid or not.



-f, --output-file <output_file>

Optional file to output the full report of any errors detected. By default it will be printed out to stdout



Required argument