honeybee lib

Commands for managing the standards library.

honeybee lib [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


Purge the library of all user standards that it contains.

This is useful when a user’s standard library has become filled with duplicated objects or the user wishes to start fresh by re-exporting updated objects.

honeybee lib purge [OPTIONS]


-s, --standards-folder <standards_folder>

A directory containing sub-folders of resource objects to be purged of files. If unspecified, the default user standards folder will be used.

--backup, -xb, --no-backup

Flag to note whether a backup .zip file of the user standards library should be made before the purging operation. This is done by default in case the user ever wants to recover their old standards but can be turned off if a backup is not desired.



-log, --log-file <log_file>

Optional file to output a log of the purging process. By default this will be printed out to stdout