Consulting Services

As the creators of Ladybug Tools, we can help you make best use of our software.
To request any of the following services, simply contact us over email (!

Reviewing Scripts

As the creators of Ladybug Tools, we know exactly what is happening under the hood of your Grasshopper/Dynamo/Python scripts. We can look over your work to be sure that you are using Ladybug Tools in the way you intend and improve those parts that are inefficient or not working correctly.

Project Guidance

Are you looking to get the most out of Ladybug Tools on your next building design? We can advise you on what simulations are right for your project, when they are most appropriate, and to what level of detail you should run them to obtain meaningful and quick feedback that ultimately meets your goals.

Webinar Training

If you or your staff need to get up-to-speed on a certain building performance topic but can't afford our workshop packages or can't find what you are looking for in our video tutorials, we can arrange webinar training sessions to get you the knowledge you need.

Custom Tools and Scripts

Have an idea for a new tool, workflow, or script but aren't sure how to make it a reality? We can help you build it, whether it's a new Grasshopper/Dynamo component, a script that automates your manual simulation workflows, an OpenStudio Measure, or a web interface like any of those we have already developed (DesignExplorer, EPWMap or the Glazing Tool)

Business Strategy

If you are looking to build in-house expertise on environmental modeling, there are many ways that we can assist. In addition to helping you understand what types of expertise you should hire to achieve your goals, we can recommend you to the talented members of our community who possess the talent you seek.

Simulating Your Product

If you are a product manufacturer or you want to understand the benefits of a new product on your building, we can help you correctly model its performance. Whether you want to understand the product's impact on daylight, thermal comfort, energy use, HVAC size, U-value, or another performative metric, we can work with you to model it with Ladybug Tools.