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Fundementals of Energy Modeling with Honeybee

Chris Mackey
Apr 2018

A series that covers the fundmental workflows for building energy models with Honeybee.

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Early Design workflows for Human Centered Facades

Chris Mackey
Dec 2017

A 9-video, 3.5-hour series on workflows for shaping glazing and shade geometry using occupant comfort as a constraint.

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Envelope Design with Honeybee THERM

Chris Mackey
Nov 2017

A 10-video, 3-hour series on the fundementals of Honeybee THERM workflows.

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Coming Soon!

So much has changed in the 2.5 years since the original Honeybee Energy Modeling Series8 was released. Many new visualizations of energy model results are now available, countless metrics have been incorporated and, (perhaps most importantly of all) we now have a complete OpenStudio component.

This series proposes an updated remake of the original that will bring seasoned Honeybee energy modelers up-to-speed with the latest recommended workflows and best practices. It will also serve as a foundation for all those getting into Honeybee Energy modeling for the first time and will provide a starting point off of which many future video series will build.

It will focus largely on exploring the many characteristics of a single test box energy model and will grant a deep intuition about what is going on under the hood of EnergyPlus. Among the topics that will be covered are the following:


  • Energy modeling advice
  • The first law of thermodynamics

Energy Model Creation:

  • Simple parametric energy model with glazing ratio
  • Understanding default energy model inputs
  • Visualizing hourly results on flood plots (3D charts)
  • Energy use intensity (EUI) calculation (with ideal air loads)
  • Energy balance graphics
  • Peak loads (HVAC size) calculation
  • Coloring zone surfaces with results
  • Calculating thermal comfort from results
  • Plotting indoor conditions on the psychrometric chart
  • Requesting custom outputs from the energy model

If you are a Ladybug Tools citizen, don't forget to vote for the next series topic on our videos forum category.