Methods for resolving Air Temperature and Humidity for EnergyPlus output files., sql, epw, analysis_period=None, humidity=False)[source]

Get MRT data collections adjusted for shortwave using Radiance .ill files.

  • enclosure_info – Path to a JSON file containing information about the radiant enclosure that sensor points belong to.

  • sql – Path to an SQLite file that was generated by EnergyPlus. This file must contain hourly or sub-hourly results for zone comfort variables.

  • epw – An EPW object that will be used to specify data for any sensor outside of any enclosure.

  • analysis_period – An optional AnalysisPeriod to be applied to all results. If None, all data collections will be for the entire run period of the sql. (Default: None).

  • humidity – Boolean to note whether relative humidity values should be returned instead of air temperature. (Default: False)