honeybee-energy edit

Commands for editing model energy properties.

honeybee-energy edit [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


Assign honeybee Radiance modifiers based on energy construction properties.

Note that the honeybee-radiance extension must be installed in order for this command to be run successfully.

Also note that setting the –exterior-offset to a non-zero value will add the offset faces as orphaned faces and so the model will not be simulate-able in EnergyPlus after running this method (it is only intended for Radiance).

model_json: Full path to a Honeybee Model (HBJSON) file.
honeybee-energy edit modifiers-from-constructions [OPTIONS] MODEL_JSON


--solar, -v, --visible

Flag to note whether the assigned radiance modifiers should follow the solar properties of the constructions or the visible properties.

-o, --exterior-offset <exterior_offset>

A number for the distance at which the exterior Room faces should be offset in meters. This is used to account for the fact that the exterior material layer of the construction usually needs a different modifier from the interior. If set to 0, no offset will occur and all assigned modifiers will be interior.



-f, --output-file <output_file>

Optional hbjson file to output the JSON string of the converted model. By default this will be printed out to stdout




Required argument