honeybee_energy.lib.constructionsets module

Collection of construction sets.


Get a construction_set from the library given its identifier.


construction_set_identifier – A text string for the identifier of the ConstructionSet.

honeybee_energy.lib.constructionsets.lib_dict_abridged_to_construction_set(con_set_dict, constructions)[source]

Get a Python object of a ConstructionSet from an abridged dictionary.

When the sub-objects needed to create the construction set are not available in the resources provided, the current standards library will be searched.

  • con_set_dict – An abridged dictionary of a Honeybee ConstructionSet.

  • constructions – Dictionary of all construction objects that might be used in the construction set with the construction identifiers as the keys.


A Python object derived from the input con_set_dict.