honeybee_energy.properties.door module

Door Energy Properties.

class honeybee_energy.properties.door.DoorEnergyProperties(host, construction=None, vent_opening=None)[source]

Bases: object

Energy Properties for Honeybee Door.

  • host_door – A honeybee_core Door object that hosts these properties.

  • construction – An optional Honeybee OpaqueConstruction or WindowConstruction object for the door. Note that the host Door must have the is_glass property set to True to assign a WindowConstruction or WindowConstructionShade. If None, it will be set by the parent Room ConstructionSet or the the Honeybee default generic ConstructionSet.

  • vent_opening – An optional VentilationOpening to specify the operable portion of the Door. (Default: None).

  • host

  • construction

  • vent_opening

  • is_construction_set_on_object

apply_properties_from_dict(abridged_data, constructions)[source]

Apply properties from a DoorEnergyPropertiesAbridged dictionary.

  • abridged_data – A DoorEnergyPropertiesAbridged dictionary (typically coming from a Model).

  • constructions – A dictionary of constructions with constructions identifiers as keys, which will be used to re-assign constructions.


Get a copy of this object.


new_host – A new Door object that hosts these properties. If None, the properties will be duplicated with the same host.

classmethod from_dict(data, host)[source]

Create DoorEnergyProperties from a dictionary.

Note that the dictionary must be a non-abridged version for this classmethod to work.

  • data – A dictionary representation of DoorEnergyProperties in the format below.

  • host – A Door object that hosts these properties.

"type": 'DoorEnergyProperties',
"construction": {},  # OpaqueConstruction or WindowConstruction dict
"vent_opening": {}  # VentilationOpening dict

Reset a construction assigned at the level of this Door to the default.

This means that the Door’s construction will be assigned by a ConstructionSet.


Return energy properties as a dictionary.


abridged – Boolean to note whether the full dictionary describing the object should be returned (False) or just an abridged version (True). Default: False.

property construction

Get or set Door Construction.

If the Construction is not set on the door-level, then it will be assigned based on the ConstructionSet assigned to the parent Room. If there is no parent Room or the parent Room’s ConstructionSet has no construction for this type of door, it will be assigned using the honeybee default generic construction set.

property host

Get the Door object hosting these properties.

property is_construction_set_on_object

Boolean noting if construction is assigned on the level of this Door.

This is opposed to having the construction assigned by a ConstructionSet.

property vent_opening

Get or set a VentilationOpening object to specify the operable portion.