honeybee_energy.reader module

Methods to read from idf.


Get the contents of an IDF file without any commented lines.

These comment lines might interfere with regex parsing if they are present.


idf_file – A path to an IDF file containing objects to be parsed.


A single string for the clean IDF file contents.

honeybee_energy.reader.parse_idf_string(idf_string, expected_type=None)[source]

Parse an EnergyPlus string of a single object into a list of values.

  • idf_string – An IDF string for a single EnergyPlus object.

  • expected_type – Text representing the expected start of the IDF object. (ie. WindowMaterial:Glazing). If None, no type check will be performed.


ep_fields – A list of strings with each item in the list as a separate field. Note that this list does NOT include the string for the start of the IDF object. (ie. WindowMaterial:Glazing)