honeybee_energy.construction.air module

AirBoundary Construction.

class honeybee_energy.construction.air.AirBoundaryConstruction(identifier, air_mixing_per_area=0.1, air_mixing_schedule=ScheduleRuleset: Always On [default day: Always On_Day Schedule] [0 rules])[source]

Bases: object

Construction for Faces with an AirBoundary face type.

  • identifier – Text string for a unique Construction ID. Must be < 100 characters and not contain any EnergyPlus special characters. This will be used to identify the object across a model and in the exported IDF.

  • air_mixing_per_area – A positive number for the amount of air mixing between Rooms across the air boundary surface [m3/s-m2]. Default: 0.1 [m3/s-m2]. This corresponds to average indoor air speeds of 0.1 m/s (roughly 20 fpm), which is typical of what would be induced by a HVAC system.

  • air_mixing_schedule – A fractional schedule for the air mixing schedule across the construction.

  • identifier

  • display_name

  • air_mixing_per_area

  • air_mixing_schedule

  • user_data

  • thickness


Overwrite .NET ToString.


Get a copy of this construction.

classmethod from_dict(data)[source]

Create a AirBoundaryConstruction from a dictionary.


data – A python dictionary in the following format

"type": 'AirBoundaryConstruction',
"identifier": 'Generic Air Boundary Construction 020',
"display_name": 'Air Boundary',
"air_mixing_per_area": 0.2,
"air_mixing_schedule": {}  # dictionary of a schedule
classmethod from_dict_abridged(data, schedule_dict)[source]

Create a AirBoundaryConstruction from an abridged dictionary.

  • data – A AirBoundaryConstructionAbridged dictionary with the format below.

  • schedule_dict – A dictionary with schedule identifiers as keys and honeybee schedule objects as values. These will be used to assign the schedule to the AirBoundaryConstruction object.

"type": 'AirBoundaryConstructionAbridged',
"identifier": 'Generic Air Boundary Construction',
"display_name": 'Air Boundary',
"air_mixing_schedule": ""  # identifier of a schedule
to_air_mixing_idf(face, room_identifier)[source]

IDF string for the ZoneMixing of this object.

  • face – A Face object to which this construction is assigned. This Face must have a parent Room.

  • room_identifier – A identifier for the Room to which the Face is adjacent.


Air boundary construction dictionary representation.


IDF string for the Construction:AirBoundary of this object.

Note that the to_air_mixing_idf method must also be used to write air mixing objects into the IDF for each Face that has the construction assigned to it.


Honeybee Radiance completely transparent material.


Honeybee Radiance completely transparent material.

property air_mixing_per_area

Get or set the air mixing per area across the AirBoundary in [m3/s-m2].

property air_mixing_schedule

Get or set a fractional schedule for the air mixing schedule.

property display_name

Get or set a string for the object name without any character restrictions.

If not set, this will be equal to the identifier.

property identifier

Get or set the text string for construction identifier.

property thickness

Thickness of the construction, always zero for air boundary construction.

property user_data

Get or set an optional dictionary for additional meta data for this object.

This will be None until it has been set. All keys and values of this dictionary should be of a standard Python type to ensure correct serialization of the object to/from JSON (eg. str, float, int, list, dict)