Source code for honeybee_energy.hvac.doas.vrf

# coding=utf-8
"""Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) with DOAS HVAC system."""
from __future__ import division

from ._base import _DOASBase

from honeybee._lockable import lockable

[docs]@lockable class VRFwithDOAS(_DOASBase): """Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) with DOAS HVAC system. All rooms/zones in the system are connected to a Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) that supplies a constant volume of ventilation air at the same temperature to all rooms/zones. The ventilation air temperature will vary from 21.1C (70F) to 15.5C (60F) depending on the outdoor air temperature (the DOAS supplies cooler air when outdoor conditions are warmer). The ventilation air temperature is maintained by a single speed direct expansion (DX) cooling coil along with a single-speed direct expansion (DX) heat pump with a backup electrical resistance coil. Each room/zone also receives its own Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) terminal, which meets the heating and cooling loads of the space. All room/zone terminals are connected to the same outdoor unit, meaning that either all rooms must be in cooling or heating mode together. Args: identifier: Text string for system identifier. Must be < 100 characters and not contain any EnergyPlus special characters. This will be used to identify the object across a model and in the exported IDF. vintage: Text for the vintage of the template system. This will be used to set efficiencies for various pieces of equipment within the system. Choose from the following. * DOE_Ref_Pre_1980 * DOE_Ref_1980_2004 * ASHRAE_2004 * ASHRAE_2007 * ASHRAE_2010 * ASHRAE_2013 * ASHRAE_2016 * ASHRAE_2019 equipment_type: Text for the specific type of the system and equipment. (Default: the first option below) Choose from. * DOAS_VRF sensible_heat_recovery: A number between 0 and 1 for the effectiveness of sensible heat recovery within the system. (Default: 0). latent_heat_recovery: A number between 0 and 1 for the effectiveness of latent heat recovery within the system. (Default: 0). demand_controlled_ventilation: Boolean to note whether demand controlled ventilation should be used on the system, which will vary the amount of ventilation air according to the occupancy schedule of the Rooms. (Default: False). doas_availability_schedule: An optional On/Off discrete schedule to set when the dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) shuts off. This will not only prevent any outdoor air from flowing thorough the system but will also shut off the fans, which can result in more energy savings when spaces served by the DOAS are completely unoccupied. If None, the DOAS will be always on. (Default: None). Properties: * identifier * display_name * vintage * equipment_type * sensible_heat_recovery * latent_heat_recovery * demand_controlled_ventilation * doas_availability_schedule * schedules * has_district_heating * has_district_cooling * user_data * properties """ __slots__ = () EQUIPMENT_TYPES = ('DOAS_VRF',)