Source code for honeybee_energy.hvac.heatcool.fcu

# coding=utf-8
"""Fan Coil Unit (FCU) heating/cooling system (with no ventilation)."""
from __future__ import division

from ._base import _HeatCoolBase

from honeybee._lockable import lockable

[docs]@lockable class FCU(_HeatCoolBase): """Fan Coil Unit (FCU) heating/cooling system (with no ventilation). Each room/zone receives its own Fan Coil Unit (FCU), which meets the heating and cooling loads of the space. The cooling coil in the FCU is always chilled water cooling coil, which is connected to a chilled water loop operating at 6.7C (44F). The heating coil is a hot water coil except when when electric baseboards or gas heaters are specified. Hot water temperature is 82C (180F) for boiler/district heating and 49C (120F) when ASHP is used. Args: identifier: Text string for system identifier. Must be < 100 characters and not contain any EnergyPlus special characters. This will be used to identify the object across a model and in the exported IDF. vintage: Text for the vintage of the template system. This will be used to set efficiencies for various pieces of equipment within the system. Choose from the following. * DOE_Ref_Pre_1980 * DOE_Ref_1980_2004 * ASHRAE_2004 * ASHRAE_2007 * ASHRAE_2010 * ASHRAE_2013 * ASHRAE_2016 * ASHRAE_2019 equipment_type: Text for the specific type of the system and equipment. (Default: the first option below) Choose from. * FCU_Chiller_Boiler * FCU_Chiller_ASHP * FCU_Chiller_DHW * FCU_Chiller_ElectricBaseboard * FCU_Chiller_GasHeaters * FCU_Chiller * FCU_ACChiller_Boiler * FCU_ACChiller_ASHP * FCU_ACChiller_DHW * FCU_ACChiller_ElectricBaseboard * FCU_ACChiller_GasHeaters * FCU_ACChiller * FCU_DCW_Boiler * FCU_DCW_ASHP * FCU_DCW_DHW * FCU_DCW_ElectricBaseboard * FCU_DCW_GasHeaters * FCU_DCW Properties: * identifier * display_name * vintage * equipment_type * schedules * has_district_heating * has_district_cooling * user_data * properties """ __slots__ = () EQUIPMENT_TYPES = ( 'FCU_Chiller_Boiler', 'FCU_Chiller_ASHP', 'FCU_Chiller_DHW', 'FCU_Chiller_ElectricBaseboard', 'FCU_Chiller_GasHeaters', 'FCU_Chiller', 'FCU_ACChiller_Boiler', 'FCU_ACChiller_ASHP', 'FCU_ACChiller_DHW', 'FCU_ACChiller_ElectricBaseboard', 'FCU_ACChiller_GasHeaters', 'FCU_ACChiller', 'FCU_DCW_Boiler', 'FCU_DCW_ASHP', 'FCU_DCW_DHW', 'FCU_DCW_ElectricBaseboard', 'FCU_DCW_GasHeaters', 'FCU_DCW' )