Source code for honeybee_energy.reader

"""Methods to read from idf."""
import re
import os

[docs]def clean_idf_file_contents(idf_file): """Get the contents of an IDF file without any commented lines. These comment lines might interfere with regex parsing if they are present. Args: idf_file: A path to an IDF file containing objects to be parsed. Returns: A single string for the clean IDF file contents. """ assert os.path.isfile(idf_file), 'Cannot find an idf file at {}'.format(idf_file) file_lines = [] with open(idf_file, 'r') as ep_file: for line in ep_file: if not line.startswith('!'): file_lines.append(line) return ''.join(file_lines)
[docs]def parse_idf_string(idf_string, expected_type=None): """Parse an EnergyPlus string of a single object into a list of values. Args: idf_string: An IDF string for a single EnergyPlus object. expected_type: Text representing the expected start of the IDF object. (ie. WindowMaterial:Glazing). If None, no type check will be performed. Returns: ep_fields -- A list of strings with each item in the list as a separate field. Note that this list does NOT include the string for the start of the IDF object. (ie. WindowMaterial:Glazing) """ idf_string = idf_string.strip() if expected_type is not None: assert idf_string.startswith(expected_type), 'Expected EnergyPlus {} ' \ 'but received a different object: {}'.format(expected_type, idf_string) idf_strings = idf_string.split(';') assert len(idf_strings) == 2, 'Received more than one object in idf_string.' idf_string = re.sub(r'!.*\n', '', idf_strings[0]) ep_fields = [e_str.strip() for e_str in idf_string.split(',')] ep_fields.pop(0) # remove the EnergyPlus object name return ep_fields