Source code for honeybee_energy.result.err

# coding=utf-8
"""Module for parsing EnergyPlus Error (.err) files."""
from __future__ import division

import os

[docs]class Err(object): """Object for parsing EnergyPlus Error (.err) files. Args: file_path: Full path to an Err file that was generated by EnergyPlus. Properties: * file_path * file_contents * warnings * severe_errors * fatal_errors """ def __init__(self, file_path): """Initialize Err""" assert os.path.isfile(file_path), 'No file was found at {}'.format(file_path) assert file_path.endswith('.err'), \ '{} is not an error file ending in .err.'.format(file_path) self._file_path = file_path self._file_contents = None self._warnings = None self._severe_errors = None self._fatal_errors = None @property def file_path(self): """Get the path to the .err file.""" return self._file_path @property def file_contents(self): """Get a string of all contents in the file.""" if not self._file_contents: self._parse_file_contents() return self._file_contents @property def warnings(self): """Get a list of strings for all of the warnings found in the .err file. Warnings are usually not important enough to bring to the front-end users' attention but they can be helpful for developers and advanced users. """ if not self._warnings: self._sort_warnings_errors() return self._warnings @property def severe_errors(self): """Get a list of strings for all of the severe errors found in the .err file. Severe errors are important enough that front-end users should be made aware of them even though they do not necessarily mean that the simulation has failed. """ if not self._severe_errors: self._sort_warnings_errors() return self._severe_errors @property def fatal_errors(self): """Get a list of strings for all of the fatal errors found in the .err file. Fatal errors indicate the reason why the simulation has failed. """ if not self._fatal_errors: self._sort_warnings_errors() return self._fatal_errors def _parse_file_contents(self): """Parse all of the contents of a file path.""" with open(self._file_path) as err_file: self._file_contents = def _sort_warnings_errors(self): """Sort the contents of the error file into warnings and errors.""" self._warnings = [] self._severe_errors = [] self._fatal_errors = [] for line in self.file_contents.split('\n'): if '** Warning **' in line: self._warnings.append(line.split('** Warning **')[-1]) elif '** Fatal **' in line: self._fatal_errors.append(line) elif '** Severe **' in line: if 'Degenerate surfaces' not in line: self._severe_errors.append(line)
[docs] def ToString(self): """Overwrite .NET ToString.""" return self.__repr__()
def __repr__(self): return 'Energy Error Result: {}'.format(self.file_path)