Source code for honeybee_energy.simulation.dictutil

# coding=utf-8
"""Utilities to convert simulation dictionaries to Python objects."""
from honeybee_energy.simulation.control import SimulationControl
from honeybee_energy.simulation.runperiod import RunPeriod
from honeybee_energy.simulation.daylightsaving import DaylightSavingTime
from honeybee_energy.simulation.shadowcalculation import ShadowCalculation
from honeybee_energy.simulation.sizing import SizingParameter
from honeybee_energy.simulation.output import SimulationOutput
from honeybee_energy.simulation.parameter import SimulationParameter

SIMULATION_TYPES = ('SimulationControl', 'RunPeriod', 'DaylightSavingTime',
                    'ShadowCalculation', 'SizingParameter', 'SimulationOutput',

[docs]def dict_to_simulation(sim_dict, raise_exception=True): """Get a Python object of any Simulation object from a dictionary. Args: sim_dict: A dictionary of any Honeybee energy simulation object. Note that this should be a non-abridged dictionary to be valid. raise_exception: Boolean to note whether an excpetion should be raised if the object is not identified as a simulation object. Default: True. Returns: A Python object derived from the input sim_dict. """ try: # get the type key from the dictionary sim_type = sim_dict['type'] except KeyError: raise ValueError('Simulation dictionary lacks required "type" key.') if sim_type == 'SimulationControl': return SimulationControl.from_dict(sim_dict) elif sim_type == 'RunPeriod': return RunPeriod.from_dict(sim_dict) elif sim_type == 'DaylightSavingTime': return DaylightSavingTime.from_dict(sim_dict) elif sim_type == 'ShadowCalculation': return ShadowCalculation.from_dict(sim_dict) elif sim_type == 'SizingParameter': return SizingParameter.from_dict(sim_dict) elif sim_type == 'SimulationOutput': return SimulationOutput.from_dict(sim_dict) elif sim_type == 'SimulationParameter': return SimulationParameter.from_dict(sim_dict) elif raise_exception: raise ValueError( '{} is not a recognized energy Simulation type'.format(sim_type) )