honeybee_radiance.dictutil module

Utilities to convertint any dictionary to Python objects.

Note that importing this module will import almost all modules within the library in order to be able to re-serialize almost any dictionary produced from the library.

honeybee_radiance.dictutil.dict_to_object(honeybee_radiance_dict, raise_exception=True)[source]

Re-serialize a dictionary of almost any object within honeybee_radiance.

This includes any Modifier, ModifierSet, LightSource, SensorGrid or View object.

  • honeybee_radiance_dict – A dictionary of any Honeybee radiance object. Note that this should be a non-abridged dictionary to be valid.

  • raise_exception – Boolean to note whether an excpetion should be raised if the object is not identified as a part of honeybee_radiance. Default: True.


A Python object derived from the input honeybee_radiance_dict.