honeybee_radiance.postprocess.en17037 module

Functions for post-processing EN 17037 daylight outputs.

honeybee_radiance.postprocess.en17037.en17037_metrics_to_files(ill_file, occ_pattern, output_folder, grid_name=None, total_hours=None)[source]

Compute annual EN 17037 metrics for an ill file and write the results to a folder.

This function generates 6 different files for daylight autonomy based on the varying level of recommendation in EN 17037.

  • ill_file – Path to an ill file generated by Radiance. The ill file should be tab separated and shot NOT have a header. The results for each sensor point should be available in a row and and each column should be the illuminance value for a sun_up_hour. The number of columns should match the number of sun up hours.

  • occ_pattern – A list of 0 and 1 values for hours of occupancy.

  • output_folder – An output folder where the results will be written to. The folder will be created if not exist.

  • grid_name – An optional name for grid name which will be used to name the output files. If None the name of the input file will be used.

  • total_hours – An integer for the total number of occupied hours in the occupancy schedule. If None, it will be assumed that all of the occupied hours are sun-up hours and are already accounted for in the the occ_pattern.

honeybee_radiance.postprocess.en17037.en17037_to_folder(results_folder, schedule, grids_filter='*', sub_folder='metrics')[source]

Compute annual EN 17037 metrics in a folder and write them in a subfolder.

This folder is an output folder of annual daylight recipe. Folder should include grids_info.json and sun-up-hours.txt - the script uses the list in grids_info.json to find the result files for each sensor grid.

  • results_folder – Results folder.

  • schedule – An annual schedule for 8760 hours of the year as a list of values. This should be a daylight hours schedule.

  • grids_filter – A pattern to filter the grids. By default all the grids will be processed.

  • sub_folder – An optional relative path for subfolder to copy results files. Default: metrics


str – Path to results folder.