honeybee_radiance.postprocess.annual module

Shared functions for post-processing annual results.

honeybee_radiance.postprocess.annual.filter_schedule_by_hours(sun_up_hours, schedule=None)[source]

Filter an annual schedule based on sun up hours.

  • sun_up_hours – A list of sun up hours as integers.

  • schedule – A list of 8760 values for the occupancy schedule.


A tuple with two values.

occ_pattern – A filtered version of the annual schedule that only

includes the sun-up-hours.

total_hours – An integer for the total occupied hours of the schedule.

sun_down_occ_hours – An integer for the number of occupied hours where

the sun is down and there’s no possibility of being daylit or experiencing glare.

honeybee_radiance.postprocess.annual.generate_default_schedule(weekday=None, weekend=None)[source]

Create a list of 8760 values based on a daily schedule for weekend and weekday.

The default is set to align with IES LM 83 23, which assumes 8am-6pm for all 365 days of the year.

  • weekday – A list of 24 values for each hour of a weekday. The values can be 0 or 1.

  • weekend – A list of 24 values for each hour of a weekend day. The values can be 0 or 1.


List – A list of 8760 values for the year.


Remove the header text from a Radiance matrix file.