honeybee_radiance.postprocess.solartracking module

Functions for post-processing results of dynamic objects that track the sun.

honeybee_radiance.postprocess.solartracking.post_process_solar_tracking(result_folders, sun_up_file, location, north=0, tracking_increment=5, destination_folder=None)[source]

Postprocess a list of result folders to account for dynamic solar tracking.

This function essentially takes .ill files for each state of a dynamic tracking system and produces a single .ill file that models the tracking behavior.

  • result_folders – A list of folders containing .ill files and each representing a state of the dynamic solar tracking system. These file should be ordered from eastern-most to wester-most, tracing the path of the tracking system over the day. The names of the .ill files should be the same in each folder (representing the same sensor grid in a different state).

  • sun_up_file – Path to a sun-up-hours.txt that contains the sun-up hours of the simulation.

  • location – A Ladybug Location object to be used to generate sun poisitions.

  • north – A number between -360 and 360 for the counterclockwise difference between the North and the positive Y-axis in degrees. (Default: 0).

  • tracking_increment – An integer for the increment angle of each state in degrees. (Default: 5).

  • destination_folder – A path to a destination folder where the final .ill files of the dynamic tracking system will be written. If None, all files will be written into the directory above the first result_folder. (Default: None).