honeybee_radiance.postprocess.annualirradiance module

Functions for post-processing annual irradiance outputs.

Note: These functions will most likely be moved to a separate package in the near future.

honeybee_radiance.postprocess.annualirradiance.annual_irradiance_to_folder(folder, wea, timestep=1, sub_folder='metrics')[source]

Compute irradiance metrics in a folder and write them in a subfolder.

This command generates 3 files for each input grid.

  • average_irradiance/{grid-name}.res – Average Irradiance (W/m2)

  • peak_irradiance/{grid-name}.res – Peak Irradiance (W/m2)

  • cumulative_radiation/{grid-name}.res – Cumulative Radiation (kWh/m2)

  • folder – Results folder from an annual irradiance recipe.

  • wea – The .wea file that was used in the annual irradiance simulation. This will be used to determine the duration of the analysis for computing cumulative radiation.

  • timestep – The timestep of the Wea file, which is used to ensure the summed row of irradiance yields cumulative radiation over the time period of the Wea. (Default: 1).

  • sub_folder – An optional relative path for subfolder to copy results files. (Default: metrics).


str – Path to results folder.