Source code for honeybee_radiance.lightsource.ground

"""Radiance ground.

Ground is usually used as part of the sky definition.
import honeybee.typing as typing
import ladybug.futil as futil

[docs]class Ground(object): """Radiance ground. Ground definition relies on skyfunc and must be used with one of the Radiance skies generated by gendaylit, gensky, etc. You can adjust the ground reflection using -g option in gensky / gendaylit. The default value in gensky is %20. .. code-block:: shell skyfunc glow ground_glow 0 0 4 1 1 1 0 ground_glow source ground 0 0 4 0 0 -1 180 oconv ground.rad scene.rad > scene.oct Note: For more information see Chapter `6.3.4 The Ground "Glow": An "Upside-Down" Sky` in Rendering with Radiance. The chapter is also accessible online at the link below. Properties: * r_emittance * g_emittance * b_emittance * modifier """ def __init__(self, modifier='skyfunc'): """Create ground. Args: modifier: Optional input to change the modifier from skyfunc. """ self.modifier = modifier self._r_emittance = 1.0 self._g_emittance = 1.0 self._b_emittance = 1.0 @property def r_emittance(self): """Ground emittance values for red channel (Default: 1.0).""" return self._r_emittance @r_emittance.setter def r_emittance(self, value): self._r_emittance = typing.float_in_range(value, 0, 1, 'r_emittance') @property def g_emittance(self): """Ground emittance values for green channel (Default: 1.0).""" return self._g_emittance @g_emittance.setter def g_emittance(self, value): self._g_emittance = typing.float_in_range(value, 0, 1, 'g_emittance') @property def b_emittance(self): """Ground emittance values for blue channel (Default: 1.0).""" return self._b_emittance @b_emittance.setter def b_emittance(self, value): self._b_emittance = typing.float_in_range(value, 0, 1, 'b_emittance') @property def modifier(self): "Ground modifier." return self._modifier @modifier.setter def modifier(self, value): self._modifier = str(value)
[docs] @classmethod def from_dict(cls, input_dict): """Create ground from_dict. Args: input_dict: A python dictionary in the following format .. code-block:: python { 'type': 'Ground', 'r_emittance': r_emittance, 'g_emittance': g_emittance, 'b_emittance': b_emittance, 'modifier': modifier } """ assert 'type' in input_dict, \ 'Input dict is missing type. Not a valid ground dictionary.' assert input_dict['type'] == 'Ground', \ 'Input type must be Ground not %s' % input_dict['type'] ground = cls() ground.r_emittance = input_dict['r_emittance'] ground.g_emittance = input_dict['g_emittance'] ground.b_emittance = input_dict['b_emittance'] ground.modifier = input_dict['modifier'] return ground
[docs] def to_file(self, folder='.', name=None, mkdir=False): """Write ground to a .ground Radiance file. Returns: Full path to the newly created file. """ content = self.to_radiance() + '\n' name = typing.valid_string(name) if name else 'ground.rad' return futil.write_to_file_by_name(folder, name, content, mkdir)
[docs] def to_radiance(self): """Get ground as a Radiance input string.""" ground = \ '%s glow ground_glow\n0\n0\n4 %.3f %.3f %.3f 0\n' \ 'ground_glow source ground\n0\n0\n4 0 0 -1 180' % ( self._modifier, self.r_emittance, self.g_emittance, self.b_emittance ) return ground
[docs] def to_dict(self): """Translate ground to a dictionary.""" return { 'type': 'Ground', 'r_emittance': self.r_emittance, 'g_emittance': self.g_emittance, 'b_emittance': self.b_emittance, 'modifier': self.modifier }
def __eq__(self, value): if type(value) != type(self): return False if (value.modifier, value.r_emittance, value.g_emittance, value.b_emittance) != \ (self.modifier, self.r_emittance, self.g_emittance, self.b_emittance): return False return True def __ne__(self, value): return not self.__eq__(value) def __repr__(self): return self.to_radiance()