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# coding=utf-8
"""Utilities to convert sky strings to Python objects."""
from import CertainIrradiance
from import CIE
from import ClimateBased

    'irradiance': CertainIrradiance,
    'illuminance': CertainIrradiance,
    'cie': CIE,
    'climate-based': ClimateBased

[docs]def string_to_sky(sky_string, raise_exception=True): """Get a Python object of any sky from a string representation. Args: sky_string: A text string representing a CIE, ClimateBased, or CertainIrradiance sky. This can be a minimal representation of the sky (eg. "cie -alt 71.6 -az 185.2 -type 0"). Or it can be a detailed specification of time and location (eg. "cie 21 Jun 12:00 -lat 41.78 -lon -87.75 -type 0"). raise_exception: Boolean to note whether an exception should be raised if the object is not identified as a sky. Default: True. Returns: A Python object derived from the input sky_string. """ sky_type = sky_string.lower().split(' ')[0].strip() try: return SKY_TYPES[sky_type].from_string(sky_string) except KeyError: if raise_exception: raise ValueError('{} is not a recognized radiance Sky type'.format(sky_type))