Source code for honeybee_radiance.modifier.material.materialbase

"""Base Radiance Material class (e.g plastic, glass, etc.).

More information on Radiance Materials can be found at:
from ..modifierbase import Modifier

[docs]class Material(Modifier): """Base class for Radiance materials. Properties: * identifier * display_name * values * modifier * dependencies * is_modifier * is_material """ __slots__ = () @property def is_material(self): """Get a boolean noting whether this object is a material modifier.""" return True @staticmethod def _dict_type_check(class_name, data): """Check that the 'type' key of a material dict suits the class.""" assert 'type' in data, 'Input dictionary is missing "type".' if data['type'].lower() != class_name.lower(): raise ValueError('Type must be %s not %s.' % (class_name, data['type']))