Source code for honeybee_radiance.modifier.pattern.colortext

"""Radiance Colortext Pattern.
from .patternbase import Pattern

# TODO: Implement the class. It's currently only a generic Radiance Primitive
[docs]class Colortext(Pattern): """Radiance Colortext Pattern. Colortext is dichromatic writing in a polygonal font. The font is defined in an auxiliary file, such as helvet.fnt. The text itself is also specified in a separate file, or can be part of the material arguments. The character size, orientation, aspect ratio and slant is determined by right and down motion vectors. The upper left origin for the text block as well as the foreground and background colors must also be given. .. code-block:: shell mod colortext id 2 fontfile textfile 0 15+ Ox Oy Oz Rx Ry Rz Dx Dy Dz rfore gfore bfore rback gback bback [spacing] or: .. code-block:: shell mod colortext id 2+N fontfile . This is a line with N words ... 0 15+ Ox Oy Oz Rx Ry Rz Dx Dy Dz rfore gfore bfore rback gback bback [spacing] Args: identifier: Text string for a unique Material ID. Must not contain spaces or special characters. This will be used to identify the object across a model and in the exported Radiance files. modifier: Modifier. It can be primitive, mixture, texture or pattern. (Default: None). values: An array 3 arrays for primitive data. Each of the 3 sub-arrays refer to a line number in the radiance primitive definitions and the values in each array correspond to values occurring within each line. is_opaque: A boolean to indicate whether this primitive is opaque. dependencies: A list of primitives that this primitive depends on. This argument is only useful for defining advanced primitives that are defined based on other primitives. (Default: []). Properties: * identifier * display_name * values * modifier * dependencies * is_modifier * is_material * is_opaque """ __slots__ = () pass